Year 2, week 37: KeenieBeanie

Really, I don’t quite know what to say. For the last few days we’ve had a snotty-nosed first year law student running around our chambers and the terrible thing is that at only twenty-three years old myself I feel a generation apart. I mean, what on earth is happening to the youth of today? It’s not because he talks a different language or anything stupid like that. No, it’s just his attitude. Or lack of it, more’s the point. Okay, we’ve all been keenie beanies and all that but there seemed to be no spark whatsoever. No humour and definitely no sense of mischief or the absurdity of it all. He’s so boring he’d make TopFirst look like a stand-up comedian. Maybe it’s the credit crunch or the house price slump or the price of oil. But I can’t remember any of us worrying about the state of the economy when we were enjoying ourselves at university. Maybe he’s just a one-off and I guess there were a few of those around even a few years ago. But the way he talked about his other students and the amount of work they were putting in, I have to wonder.

Not that it’s just me who has noticed. I overheard TheBusker talking to him today: “You know, I would suggest you start doing other things at college as well as law.”
“But how will that help my pupillage applications?” he replied.
“Well, you know, that’s still a couple of years ahead and you don’t want to burn out in the meantime.”
“But isn’t it all about grades these days?”
“Well, they do carry a lot of weight but other activities count for something.  We’re not looking for legal machines.”

June 11, 2008 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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