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Year 2, week 39: OldWorrier

Boy oh boy, if you thought Worrier was exhausting, you should have met my opponent today who I’ll call OldWorrier.  He was about sixty and said he had been practising for about 15 years.  I found this out when he first called me up last week ‘to discuss the case.  Well, given that it was […]

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Year 2, week 37: OldSoak

KeanieBeanie was at it again today.  Badgering UpTights this time for some work that he could take home.“Don’t you have a life other than the law?” she asked, which was just a little bit rich coming from her of all people.“No.”“Well you need to get one, young man.”“What would you suggest?”“Well, er, I don’t know. […]

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Year 2, week 37: KeenieBeanie

Really, I don’t quite know what to say. For the last few days we’ve had a snotty-nosed first year law student running around our chambers and the terrible thing is that at only twenty-three years old myself I feel a generation apart. I mean, what on earth is happening to the youth of today? It’s […]

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Year 2, week 36: liar, liar

SlipperySlope was in chambers to see OldSmoothie on Friday and since he arrived early ended up spending about twenty minutes sitting in my room having coffee with me whilst he waited for OldSmoothie to arrive. To make polite conversation I mentioned that OldSmoothie had been worrying that too many litigants these days are being forced […]

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