Year 2, week 34: TheParrot

Have you ever come across someone who when you say something simply repeats what you’ve just said? That was how my opponent was today when cross-examining the witnesses and the only name for him is TheParrot. “Where were you heading just before the accident?”
“Out to the shops in Bootle.”
“Out to the shops in Bootle. I see. Were you in a rush?”
“No I wasn’t. In fact I had given myself good time to get there.”
“You’d given yourself good time to get there. Right. Were you listening to the radio as you were driving?”
“Yes, I was listening to the cricket.”
“You were listening to the cricket. Hmm…”

Anyway, you get the picture. It starts to get annoying after a while and you could tell that it was really starting to irk the judge as he was raising his eyebrows every time it happened which looked slightly comical and only added to the mini-spectacle going on before me. Worse still I discovered on the way back on the train that my opponent’s habit even extended outside of the courtroom. Kind of made me want to insult him just to hear him repeat it before it registered in his brain. But hey, I’d won and earned myself a nice fat brief fee on a 100% uplift.

May 22, 2008 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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