Year 2, week 33: the all-rounder

Overheard a very revealing conversation at lunch today between OldSmoothie and another barrister who was obviously his opponent on a case he was doing. “You’re in TheVamp’s chambers, aren’t you?” the opponent asked.
“That’s right,” chuckled OldSmoothie.  “Everyone knows TheVamp.”
“You’re not wrong there, and legend has it that there are even a few who don’t know her intimately.”
“Not that I’ve met any myself.”
“You’re right.  Nor me.”
“Yes, what was it the legal directory said this year? ‘Has quickly gained a reputation as an all-rounder.’”
“Yes, that one certainly did the rounds.”

They both chuckled. “So how long did you have the pleasure?” asked OldSmoothie.
“Longer than most, actually.  As I remember it, a whole weekend.  How about you?”
“Landed her as my pupil for a month, so, you can imagine…”
“A month?”
“Well, there were a few of us vying to be her pupilmaster after we met her at the pre-pupillage drinks. So rather than limit it to two lots of six months, we divided her time twelve ways.”

All of which chit chat led to OldSmoothie making a settlement offer which his opponent agreed to without even a hint of getting back to his client.

May 13, 2008 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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