Year 2, week 30: loaded dice

So I made my first bet on the stock of the wireless company collapsing yesterday.  Fifty thousand pounds of money I don’t have risked on the throw of the dice.  Well, actually the throw of the loaded dice since I now have exactly three months to drive the price down as far as possible. 

So I started with signing up for the various share price bulletin boards and discussion forums last night.  All in false names, of course and from a random internet café so that no-one will be able to trace the computer to me.  Seems there’s already chat about the litigation but they don’t have the full low down as to the risks to the wireless company.  Yet, that is.

I then made a call to the PR guru himself, ScandalMonger and told him that I needed help in damaging the wireless company’s reputation in order to force them to settle.  With the added benefit that any damaging stories which he plants in the press will also affect the share price.

April 25, 2008 · Tim Kevan · One Comment
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  1. bsq(c) - April 25, 2008

    Are you sure you want to trust ScandalMonger?xx