Year 2, week 26: stroke of luck

Spent all day today going through SlipperySlope’s case from yesterday’s conference. Just as I was sitting trying to work out how to write an advice saying that this would be an outrageous undersettlement, I got a call from SlipperySlope himself. “Hold your horses for the moment, BabyB. I think we may have just got ourselves a chunk more money.”
“How’s that?” I asked.
“Stroke of luck really. Counsel for the insurance company is someone we use on a regular basis. Knows how we work and all that. Had a quick chat with him this morning and they’ve decided to up their offer to three quarters of a million. Won’t do our costs claim any harm, either.”


March 26, 2008 · Tim Kevan · One Comment
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  1. Thomas Evans - March 26, 2008

    Won’t do your ‘costs’ any harm either!