Year 2, week 21: stand-off

Still no word from TopFirst after my email last week and I wonder whether to some extent we may have a Mexican stand-off. I can’t imagine he’s not plotting in some way or other though. He’s simply too arrogant not to be. Which is why I added TopFirst’s fiancée to my list of friends on FaceBook. In good old cold war tactics, I intend to keep him guessing as to whether I am quite prepared to press the nuclear button on him or not. Since we did actually meet a few times last year, I also added a note:
“Hi, hope all’s well with you and TopFirst and that you’re still enjoying life as a management consultant. Got to be more interesting than the cases they’re feeding me.  Anyway, just a note to say that if you’re ever in the area and at a loose end, do pop in for coffee.”

February 21, 2008 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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