Year 2, week 21: matter of honour

Boy oh boy.  Blagger’s case was a far more serious one than I was expecting.  It seems he’d told this local solicitor that he was an expert in property law and today he had to go to court on dispute over some land worth around half a million pounds.  Luckily, it’s just the first hearing and so they were only asking for directions.  Nevertheless, I told Blagger in no uncertain terms that he such get the heck out of the case whilst he could. It was all just too serious to be involved in, never mind just for a bet.

Except he was having none of it. “Matter of honour” and all that. Apparently his friend is attempting to do the same thing with surgery. Just doesn’t bear thinking about.  All inspired by that film, Catch Me If You Can. I told him that if he insisted on going through with it he should at the very least do some serious research into land law and gave him a starter text. I also gave him a few hints as to what he might say and what directions he could seek. Thankfully, he didn’t need the wig and gown for today as the last thing I’d want is for that to be turning up in evidence in a case against him some day.

Anyway, I got a call from him at lunchtime telling me that it had all gone swimmingly and that his solicitor is extremely pleased with how it went. So now I await the next hearing with, I have to say, more than a little concern. 

February 20, 2008 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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