Year 2, week 21: an offer

Got a visit from UpTights this afternoon. “You know this whole thing is a complete try on?” she said.
“I presume you’re talking about my case against your lovely telecoms company?”
“Of course I am BabyB.  It’s not like you’re doing any other cases that are big enough to be against me, now is it?”

Ouch.  Trying for the patronising approach, I see. “You’re right there, UpTights.  Except I would have thought these were just straightforward personal injury actions which were well below your size of case…” I tailed off and looked at her. “Which did make me wonder why they had instructed someone as senior as yourself.  Suggests there’s more to this than meets the eye, wouldn’t you say?”

She was slightly thrown by her former pupil answering her back so directly and hesitated for a second before coming back with: “You know full well BabyB, that if you raise such provocative issues, these big companies will always take it seriously.”
“Unless of course,” I answered, “there was nothing to it at all.  In that case why would they waste their money?”

She could see she was getting nowhere.  “Enough of these puerile games.  I have an offer to make.  If you decide to withdraw your claims now, then my clients will not seek any costs.”
“But why should my clients be bothered by that when they have legal expenses insurance to cover them?”

To that, at this stage, there was no answer and after more bluffing and attempts at bullying, UpTights was on her way.

February 18, 2008 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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