Year 2, week 20: new counsel

Today we received a defence in the geriatrigation case. The other side had requested a small extension in time in order to change their counsel and ClichéClanger and I were intrigued to see whose name would therefore appear on the pleadings. However, in my wildest dreams I didn’t expect to see the names which appeared. The first was that of UpTights which makes me wonder whether I should try and get OldSmoothie on board. However, for the moment I shall instead perhaps try and follow similar strategies to wind her up. However, it was the other name which was most surprising: that of TopFirst himself. That makes me extremely suspicious that these appointments are far from coincidence and that instead TopFirst is up to something sly. The difficulty will be in working out just what exactly.

I say, let the games begin.

February 11, 2008 · Tim Kevan · 2 Comments
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2 Responses

  1. Meemur - February 11, 2008

    my worry baby b would be is uptights in cahoots with top first – I see a painful backlash on the horizon. Keep les yeuxs dans le derrier of your head peeled. As cliche clanger might say.

  2. Uncivil Serpent - February 11, 2008

    Some games are for matchsticks, others are for thousands of pounds… this one has the added bonus that TopFirst is also hoping to take your wig, and scalp.
    Good luck.