Year 2, week 16: Practice is for girls

Had the most annoying opponent you could imagine this morning. He was a third six pupil but was about ten years older than me and about as full of it as you could imagine.
"Good morning BabyBarista.  Nice to meet you.  If you’re wondering why I’m against you let me explain.  Successful banker and now at a top commercial chambers.  They give us these cases for target practice."

Well bully for you.  Glad to be of assistance.
"Yes, I’m on my feet in the Court of Appeal tomorrow, you know."

Yeh, right.  On your feet walking into the visitors gallery more like.  After he’d asked me which university I went to and then where I did the bar course (both better than his), he continued to hit me with questions.
"Where do you practise?" He asked

I decided to be obtuse just to wind him up.
"Oh no need to practice, me.  I just turn up and give it a go.  Practice is for girls, I say."
"No I meant where are you based?"
"Oh, I see, where am I based?’ I feigned ignorance in the face of his extremely unamused response.  ‘I live in London.  How about you?"
"No I meant…oh, never mind.  What is your Inn?"
"Oh, I’m very much an Inn one ear and out the other kind of guy myself."

This went on for about five minutes before he finally gave up on his mixture of boasting and sizing-up.  It got worse when we went into court.  Not merely because of his arrogance, though that didn’t help.  Simply because he was unable to let me open my mouth for more than about ten words before he interrupted with some rubbish or other.

Thankfully his manner also got on the wick of the judge and to say the least didn’t help his client’s case which all went down in flames.

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