Year 2, week 15: HedgeFunds

We had a leaving do for one of the clerks in a bar near chambers last night  and since my mother’s been bugging me for months to meet the people I work with I brought her to it along with Claire.  But poor her.  She didn’t get past the first question as to how he enjoyed being a barrister with a slightly worse for wear HeadofChambers than he spent about half an hour lecturing her perils of being self-employed.  I think she wished she hadn’t raised the subject and so she turned to his wife.
‘Well, I think you’re husband’s done very well to survive all these pitfalls.  Well done him, I say.  Are you a barrister as well?’
‘Er, no, actually.  I run a hedge fund in the city.’
‘Golly.  Good for you.  Although I wouldn’t have thought there was much call for hedges in this urban wilderness.  Do you do funds for flowers and other plants as well?’

HeadofChambers’s wife was so embarrassed at my mother’s misunderstanding that she couldn’t bring herself to correct her and so they spent the next twenty minutes taking about horticulture in the square mile.  It only came to an end when TheVamp got the full on giggles which distracted my mother just enough to give the trillionaire financier time to make a sharp exit.

January 11, 2008 · Tim Kevan · One Comment
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  1. Baroness Suzie QC - January 11, 2008

    Haha! Brilliant. You’ve brightened up my Friday night filled with work. xxx