Year 2, week 12: StraightTalking

BlowDry and ClicheClanger came to chambers for the conference today.  It was all quite the talk of the library earlier in the day where the current crop of pupils along with the most junior tenants still tend to hang out when they want to get away from pompousdom.  BlowDry was no different from his TV persona in which he has the reputation for speaking his mind in as blunt a way as Gordon Ramsay talks to failing chefs.  First, he stopped OldSmoothie in the corridor and suggested that he might think about dyeing his hair dark which didn’t go down at all well with the silver fox.  Much worse was to come.  When he saw TheVamp he immediately introduced himself and told her that if she didn’t stop using the sunbed she’d turn into buffalo hide within five years.  Then he caught sight of UpTights and suggested some new-fangled wrinkle cream for her neck and hands. 

I think I might well bring him back for another conference.  Just for the sport.

December 20, 2007 · Tim Kevan · One Comment
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  1. Edward - December 21, 2007

    merry christmas Baby B, I look forward to complaining about your antics in the new year x