Year 2, week 11: AbuseOfProcess

UpTights has been working on JudgeJewellery’s case today.  The difficulty is that CheapnNasty, the shop from which she had been stealing the jewellery, has come back with a load of CCTV evidence showing her stealing all sorts of other jewellery on numerous occasions in the past.  They’re also threatening to go to their competitors to ask them if they have any similar footage.  Despite this UpTights wants JudgeJewellery to plead not guilty by virtue of the fact that she had no dishonest intention.  Which has everything to do with the fact that they’ve been best friends since school days and just goes to show that it doesn’t help to represent your friends since it’s clear to anyone with half a brain (and even OldSmoothie would grant UpTights that) that her intentions were very clear.  Luckily for them both, the learned judge herself can see the absurdity of such an argument. 

So for now her only hope is going to be that of the last resort for the desperate, an abuse of process argument.  Seems they didn’t read her rights properly after she’d given them the old ‘Do you realise that I’m a member of Her Majesty’s judiciary?’ line.  Thought there was no need.  Which of course there wasn’t since she knew full well what her rights were.  But if there’s ever a technicality, you can always rely on the lawyers.

December 12, 2007 · Tim Kevan · 2 Comments
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  1. Eleanor - December 17, 2007

    Surely the answer to that argument is to let the Judge off the immediate charge but to rearrest her and charge her with all the other thefts, this time making sure that the technicalities are fully complied with.

  2. Sarah - December 18, 2007

    A shop with decent CCTV footage. Not usually the case, but then again perhaps that was what the Judge was counting on. This saga will keep me hooked… loving it!