Year 2, week 10: NotSoFast

Call back from old ScandalMonger himself today.  Guess what?  He’s in and RoundTheBlock has already booked her ticket out of the country.

Hey, hey.  Not so fast.  If we now know we’re going to win, do we really want to be telling the other side at this stage?  When we’re on a 100% success fee and all?  Hardly.  What would TheBoss have done in such a situation?  He’d have kept it away from OldSmoothie and TheVamp but he’d have told his solicitor ClichéClanger enough to get him billing out for England.

Which of course is what I did.  ClichéClanger is delighted and was happy to agree that in return the brief fees would be three times what they would normally be set at.

ScandalMonger of course is very happy to wait as this will give him the opportunity for even more headlines.

December 7, 2007 · Tim Kevan · 4 Comments
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4 Responses

  1. Uncivil Serpent - December 7, 2007

    And yet…

  2. Sawyer the Lawyer - December 8, 2007

    Just making myself known. Well why not?

  3. Anonymous Law Student - December 10, 2007

    Yar! Fees!

  4. Sarah - December 10, 2007

    going to win?