Year 2, week 10: DealOn

‘Okay.  So here’s the deal,’ I said to ScandalMonger, trying to sound more confident than I actually felt.  ‘RoundTheBlock becomes our witness.  Decides to tell a new story about how someone from RedTop came to her and offered her cash in return for making a story up about BigMouth.  You and she get another front page scoop and we win the case.  Pack her off to Brazil for a couple of years and RedTop will never get round to suing her for lying to them in the first place.’

This time it was for me to give a kind of theatrical pause, albeit on the telephone.

‘Oh, and in return, I’ll work for you.’

‘Excellent BabyB.  This is exactly what I have been looking for in a lawyer.  I will give her the call.’

December 6, 2007 · Tim Kevan · 10 Comments
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10 Responses

  1. Baroness Suzie QC - December 6, 2007

    Is it just me, or is this rather risky and vaguely reminiscent of that Spector who is now in prison?

    Regardless, I’m enjoying this xxx

  2. Zoe - December 6, 2007

    Is anyone else thinking this is all a setup, with ScandalMonger recording that conversation?

  3. legal spanking - December 6, 2007

    surely he wouldn’t pull *that* as a surprise ending again.

  4. apparatchick - December 6, 2007

    While I applaud the obvious solution, are you not worried she will run out of funds in 6 months and blow the whole thing for another bite of the cherry? 10k in Rio isn’t what it used to be.

  5. Rose - December 6, 2007

    Perhaps BabyB is recording in return? A sting within a sting, so to speak.

  6. Edward - December 7, 2007

    Zoe, you should solve crime or something with that sneaky mind of yours. Don’t mate with BabyB or god knows what kind of children you’ll have. Safe to say that it will probably bully the anti christ….

  7. Abigail - December 7, 2007

    Whose set up? What has our little (former) devil admitted? What further advantage can he get from SM? All credit to Uncivil Serpent for first pointing out the risks, but (sententiously) “A ship in harbour faces no risk, but that is not what ships are for”.

  8. sarah - December 7, 2007

    This is one of my favourite story lines.

  9. Uncivil Serpent - December 7, 2007

    Nothing ventured, nothing gained – right Abigail?
    Anyway, after BabyB handled ‘that thing’ with TheBoss, part of me would actually like to see a ScandleMonger / TopFirst consipracy get the BabyB treatment.
    Oh, is anyone making notes by the way? After the remake of the 1960 Classic “School for Scoundrels”, I can see the ‘BabyB guide to Chambers (mal)Practice’ easily hitting the Hammicks No. 1 spot – I even know a Senior Editor at Butterworths who could make this happen.
    Right now I’m still trying to get rid of the mental image of BabyB and Zoe’s kid bullying the Anti-Christ… thanks Edward, I have to pretend to be doing work here you know!

  10. Di - December 7, 2007

    BabyB, I’d be expecting a phone call from the Bar Council any day now, courtesy of TopFirst…