Year 2, week 10: ScandalMonger

Wow.  So this is how it goes with BigMouth’s case.  We wrote to the other side the week before last giving them the evidence I had discreetly gathered on RoundTheBlock.  They wrote back last week telling where in particular to stick that offer.  No real surprise there given the bullish stance RedTop have been taking all along.  What’s interesting though is that today I received a call from someone who I can only call for these purposes ScandalMonger.  He’s one of those types who buys and sells stories.  Not any old stories, just those involving human misery in one form or another.  If the misery isn’t actually in the story then it follows pretty quickly afterwards.  He’s a man who believes he brings down anything from political parties to star strikers to the best that middle England has to offer.  All in all a horrible creature who would make even TopFirst seem like a modest sort of fellow.  Anyway, that’s certainly my preconception.  Tonight, I will be able to see for myself.  All he wants, he said, was to do a little public service.  Nothing more.  He wouldn’t be asking me anything about the case.  Indeed, he said, he respected the legal profession above all others.  That in itself kind of summed it all up.  Anyway, despite all these revelations, he was right to assume that I would be curious enough to meet. 

Which is where I am now headed.

December 3, 2007 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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