Year 2, week 8: legal expenses

More papers came in about the Moldies’ various cases today.  It seems that although they didn’t realise it, most of them actually have legal expenses insurance tucked away as an extra on their home insurance policies.  Very common that people simply don’t realise.  The great advantage is that you can avoid the hungry, greedy lawyers trying to under-settle your case just so that they guarantee their own fees.  Actually, the problem is the opposite.  Suddenly it’s in all the lawyers interests to fight to the bitter end.  Get those big fat juicy brief fees, guaranteed to be paid by the insurance policy whether you win or lose.

So, today, I was faced with six cases all needing short advices giving the go ahead which meant giving a formal advice that in my learned opinion they had a more than 50% chance of success.  More than 50%?  You must be joking.  More than 5%, maybe.  But hey, you never know what the medical evidence will turn up.  So, on that basis, the prospects of success merrily trundled over the threshold and now have six juicy cases on my hands.

That easy.

November 22, 2007 · Tim Kevan · 2 Comments
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2 Responses

  1. Sarah - November 23, 2007

    ‘big fat juicy brief fees’ sound good.

  2. legalembrio - November 27, 2007

    Legal Expenses! Dont talk to me about Legal Expenses. Just when you thought you had it all sussed out the Defendants are now providing Legal Expenses for our clients to sue them!! how crazy is that!!!! Now we have situations were the LEI want updates but because they are also Defendants we have to be guarded as to what we tell them. They also seem to be using the information provided to the LEI on their Defence case. Bloody cheek. Sleepless