Year 2, week 8: up and coming

Whatever the estate agents tell you about King’s Cross, the only thing that is up and coming in that hole of a grotsville is the clientele of the likes of RoundTheBlock.  Sad to say but the fact that the channel tunnel will now be dropping businessmen off there is hardly going to make the situation better.  Anyway, RoundTheBlock lived up to her name and was in just the place that RedTop had described BigMouth picking her up. 

She looked very suspicious when I approached her and introduced myself as a representative of RedTop, all in my newly honed Scottish drawl.  However, given how easy it was to obtain, it was ridiculous how effective my newly obtained business card and my national union of journalists ID card were.  She visibly relaxed and agreed to go for a coffee in a kebab shop round the corner.  Now, I admit this was a pretty big risk as all she needed to do was to call whoever she had previously dealt with and I would have been a goner.  However, she might be wise to the ways of the street, but newspapers were a whole new game and to that extent I had the upper hand.  The other thing I had going for me was that for RedTop this case was small beans compared to most of their stories and so I’d calculated that they wouldn’t have invested a great deal of time or effort protecting her from this type of situation.

Anyway, I told her that RedTop wanted to run another story about her and BigMouth but that this time we needed her to embellish a little.  Mention another Tory MP who had also hired her in the past.  As you might imagine, she was not happy with this at all.  Until, that is, I mentioned the figure £200,000.  Then she became a little more interested.  Well, she supposed she might be able to help, just this once.

Just this once indeed.  I had hit gold at my first strike and was out of there in a flash, video camera still rolling in the pocket of my jacket.

November 20, 2007 · Tim Kevan · One Comment
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  1. Sarah - November 20, 2007

    Video camera in the jacket…. I am sure BabyB put a hole in the pocket, else the video camera would just record the black hole of the pocket… rather than the black hole of Kings Cross!