Year 2, week 6: on a donkey

BusyBody was spotted in chambers today by TheVamp.  I asked how heavily pregnant she now was.  TheVamp replied with,

‘Well, let’s put it like this.  She’s on a donkey and heading out of Nazareth.’

Apparently she’s due later this month.  Although she refuses to say whether the father is FanciesHimself the junior clerk or OldSmoothie, TheVamp thinks it must be OldSmoothie on the back of a rumour that BusyBody will be welcomed back to chambers after her maternity break for a third six but has been quietly guaranteed a tenancy within a few months.  The only reason TheVamp can think of for this is that OldSmoothie and HeadofChambers want to avoid any scandal coming out.

Or maybe she also had a fling with HeadofChambers as well.

November 5, 2007 · Tim Kevan · One Comment
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  1. Sarah - November 8, 2007

    or will it turn out to be BabyB’s baby and he’s not been telling us…. would be true to form!