Year 2, week 9: SellOff

Golly.  I mentioned selling off the Inner Temple to HeadofChambers today and you could almost see his jaw hit the ground. 

‘But.  But.’  You could see his mind racing.

‘You can’t.  No good would come of it at all.  No good.’

Except a huge amount of cash, that is, I replied.  Then his legal mind started working,

‘Anyway, there’s law which suggests that the Inns would have charitable status.’

Ah, but the difficulty with that is that the dining functions of the Inns used to be for educational purposes.  In fact there were no exams, simply the requirement of eating your dinners and I guess chatting to the more senior barristers.  These days, though, there is very little that is educational about sitting with a bunch of other bar school students and getting drunk.  Well, not part of a legal education anyway.  So maybe we can just hive off the good educational work which is done like the advocacy training and sell off all the rest.  I already have over a hundred barristers who are in and very keen to set a legal precedent on this one.  Which of course comes as little surprise when they might be ending up with an enormous windfall.

November 2, 2007 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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