Year 2, week 3: LetterofClaim

So TheVamp and I drafted a letter of claim to the publishers of RedTop today.  Basically, “Dear RedTop, That was very naughty of you to have been so rude about our client.  We know he’s an obnoxious, arrogant so and so of the worst kind but really, honestly, he did not and we repeat, did not, hire a prostitute.”

‘Do you think he did it?’  I asked TheVamp.

‘Well, the way he was inviting me over for tea in the Commons last week, I certainly don’t buy the whole happily married story.  But whether he went the whole hog, so to speak…’

She tailed off.  That really is the million dollar question.  At some point we’re going to have to be given the chance to grill BigMouth a little more thoroughly.  It is to say the least unfortunate that this has not happened before the letter of claim, but there you go.  His loss for having chosen his best friend to represent him, I guess.  To make matters worse, unlike most clients who would probably be satisfied with a restraction and a prominent apology, the inflated ego of our politician friend insisted that we write the letter and also offer to settle now for not only an apology but also for a million pounds.  Yeh, right.  If I were a jury, even if the story was untrue, I would find it hard to put a value on BigMouth’s reputation at anything more than a few hundred pounds.

But, hey, I guess I’m still smarting from the coffee insults.

October 17, 2007 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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