Year 2, week 2: BigMouth

OldSmoothie was holding court at chambers tea today.  I’d heard him going on before about how he was best friends with a backbench Tory MP who for present purposes I’ll call BigMouth.  Well, apparently said MP was yesterday causing big headlines in one of the Sunday tabloids for having hired a prostitute.  Or, I should say, allegedly having hired a prostitute.  For that was the point of OldSmoothie’s story. 

“You see, he hasn’t got much money and he wants to sue them.  Of course, I’ll work on a no-win no-fee but I’m looking for a junior to do all the leg work.”

Of course, despite appearances he’s not stupid and it was completely staged to whet the appetite of the junior members of chambers.  Perhaps even to kind of tender it out in a rather gentlemanly sort of way.  Needless to say, first up was TheCreep with “Ooh OldSmoothie, I think you’re great and I’m so very clever” or something equally ingratiating and sickening.  He was batted away to the boundary without much more than a flick of the wrist from OldSmoothie.  TheCreep is definitely not his style.  Next up was TheVamp. 

‘You know,’ I heard her whisper.  ‘Libel cases are by jury.  You’re going to need a team which appeals directly to the jury.’ 

Laced with a “f’nar, f’nar, know what I mean vicar,” she didn’t need to elaborate further. 

There was no way I was going to be able to compete today but with an opportunity like that going down in chambers, I’ve got to try and think of a way of getting myself on that case. 

By hook or by crook.

October 8, 2007 · Tim Kevan · 3 Comments
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3 Responses

  1. xiaoda - October 8, 2007

    So, why is this case so significant to you?

  2. Gary - October 8, 2007

    YES!! BabyB is back doing what he does best…

  3. Old Sweat - October 8, 2007

    Prudent to check the shady lady in question is not Ginny (or one of her mates)BEFORE you get yourself on the case?