Day 218, week 44: more tea, vicar?

Today I made sure that I was in chambers tea.  It always starts at 4.15pm in HeadofChambers’s room and I was there on the dot.  Ready and waiting.  Wondering if BusyBody would have taken the bait.  What I’d counted on most was that being someone who aspires to authority, she has never been one to question what that authority might have to say.  Well, come 4.30pm, there were about twenty members of chambers quietly sipping on their tea when there was an auspicious knock at the door.  Given that barristers don’t knock and the clerks never interrupt tea, there was silence.  HeadofChambers then piped up, “enter”.  At which point BusyBody opened the door holding her urine sample out in front of her.

The silence simply continued which BusyBody eventually broke with a stuttering,

“I…I…I was just after the medical for tenancy.  I think I have the wrong room.”

More silence though you could see lots of pennies dropping in lots of different heads.  Eventually HeadofChambers piped up with,

“Er…I think you might find, BusyBody, that someone has played a practical joke on you.”

Already bright red and unsuccessfully trying to hide the urine sample under her documents, BusyBody replied with,

“Oh.  Sorry.  Sorry.  So sorry.”

She then turned and scuttled as fast as was possible in the circumstances.  After which, the room broke down into fits of laughter.  Poor BusyBody.  Her sexual dilly-dallying had already caused her to be the butt of many jokes in chambers over the past few months.  Not only did this make it worse but it also meant that the list of potential culprits amounted to about a dozen members of chambers.  Though it might also be one of the two trouble-making pupils it was also said.  Now who could this be, you ask?  Why TopFirst and ThirdSix of course?  So, with too many potential suspects it was generally agreed that the matter would be quietly dropped.

Once again, some might say, “Case closed”.

By the way, The Times Online have now set up a group on FaceBook called The Common Law.  Do join if you’re already signed up.  Let’s make it the voice for lawyers on that most time-wasting of sites.  It’s not too common.  Honest.  Well, it might be slightly common, but, hey…  Oh, and my name on there is “babybarista blog” and you’re welcome to add me as a friend if you enjoy reading this blog.

August 8, 2007 · Tim Kevan · 4 Comments
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4 Responses

  1. Dodgy Geezer - August 9, 2007

    Oh dear, BabyB.
    Repeat after me… “Women have handbags”. Even men rarely walk into a doctor’s surgery holding a urine sample ‘in front of them’.
    And weren’t you lucky all twenty members had a collective hush as she came to the door….

  2. Ex_Umbra - August 9, 2007

    Now, if HeadofChambers was to carry out his patriarchal duty he will discover the tampered letter, and might then get to thinking on other unusual events that had come to his attention. On whom then might suspicions of snake-in-the-grass-ery fall?

  3. Abigail - August 10, 2007

    Does BusyBody not know that Chambers Tea is at 4.15? Can the author be legally qualified, leaving a plot hole like that?
    Though as to suspicion, would kudos accrue to a pupil who could pull off such a trick?

  4. Sarah - August 10, 2007

    So the old urine sample joke made the barristers wet themselves…. it takes all sorts.