Day 214, week 43: SweatShop

Can’t move in the library at the moment for mini-pupils.  They’ve crawled out of their various colleges and descended on the Inns of Court keen to top up on CV points.  Like a shark smelling blood, TopFirst has been swanning around the library a little more than usual and despite his recent set-back, doesn’t seem to have learned much at all.  Overheard him offering one of the mini-pupils a bag of sweets in his best Austin Powers voice and the lamest of all his lame lines,

“Jelly, Baby”.

Anyway, apparently demand for mini-pupillage is so high at the moment that many applications are being refused.  Well, if there’s a gap in the market, I’m very happy to oblige and so I posted the following on a couple of internet bulletin boards the other day:

“Pupil barrister offers informal mini-pupillage based at Inner Temple library.  Good reference guaranteed.”

Kind of did it as a joke but I’ve already had ten applications and so I’m conducting interviews in the library this evening.  Little do they know that I’ll take them all on for the next month and get them each to do some research on my behalf for a different member of chambers that I am trying to impress.

Best of all.  Forget the minimum wage.  This work comes for free.

August 2, 2007 · Tim Kevan · 5 Comments
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  1. FS - August 2, 2007


  2. Old Sweat - August 2, 2007

    Better the Devils you know?

  3. Julian - August 3, 2007

    Ingenious, is all I can say.

  4. Dom - August 3, 2007

    baby barista- you’re a big fat meany! lol

  5. Sarah - August 7, 2007

    they’ll never make real barristers is they do work for free!