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Law and Disorder

If you have enjoyed reading parts of this blog and meeting the characters, you might enjoy reading the book in which I re-wrote BabyBarista’s first year in chambers and his fight for tenancy. It is published by Bloomsbury (of Harry Potter fame) and is called Law and Disorder. It was described by broadcaster Jeremy Vine […]

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Day 234, week 47: OverQualified

I was told yesterday by my solicitors who my opponent would be for today.  When I looked him up online I almost got the fright of my life.  It wasn’t merely the pose of utmost seriousness and pomposity.  It was the fact that he appeared to be one of the most qualified people in the […]

August 31, 2007 · Tim Kevan · 8 Comments
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Day 230, week 46: hot air

If you walk down any of the alleyways and lanes backing onto the barristers’ chambers of the Inns of Court at the moment you’ll see plenty of small air conditioning units poking their nozzles out of the window.  I know it’s childish but I can’t help chuckling at the fact that what they’re pumping out […]

August 24, 2007 · Tim Kevan · 3 Comments
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Day 228, week 46: back to normal

UpTights was back with a vengeance today.  Absolutely no reference to the long lunch.  Back to barking orders and personal space issues.  Which for the first time ever came as somewhat of a welcome.  I just hope my sharp exit last week isn’t held against me.

August 22, 2007 · Tim Kevan · 3 Comments
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Day 227, week 46: ooh, doctor!

It was OldSmoothie who pointed out to me months ago that medical records are littered with coded acronyms.  In-jokes for the medics who don’t dream that those same records might one day end up in a court of law.  The one he was at pains to explain was an entry he had spotted which said, […]

August 21, 2007 · Tim Kevan · 5 Comments
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Day 225, week 45: the horror

UpTights took me out for a long lunch today.  She was clearly very pleased with herself for having settled a five day case which was due to start on Monday.  I’d overheard HeadClerk chatting to her earlier and it seems that she will still get her full brief fee of £12,000 even though she hasn’t […]

August 17, 2007 · Tim Kevan · 8 Comments
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Day 224, week 45: DayTrader

Poor Worrier.  I passed her room this evening on my way out of chambers and saw her busily packing a whole bunch of parcels.  She explained that she’s still got money problems and that one of her clients had told her the other day that becoming an ebay trader was the way forward.  So, she’s […]

August 16, 2007 · Tim Kevan · 6 Comments
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Day 218, week 44: more tea, vicar?

Today I made sure that I was in chambers tea.  It always starts at 4.15pm in HeadofChambers’s room and I was there on the dot.  Ready and waiting.  Wondering if BusyBody would have taken the bait.  What I’d counted on most was that being someone who aspires to authority, she has never been one to […]

August 8, 2007 · Tim Kevan · 4 Comments
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Day 214, week 43: SweatShop

Can’t move in the library at the moment for mini-pupils.  They’ve crawled out of their various colleges and descended on the Inns of Court keen to top up on CV points.  Like a shark smelling blood, TopFirst has been swanning around the library a little more than usual and despite his recent set-back, doesn’t seem […]

August 2, 2007 · Tim Kevan · 5 Comments
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