Day 209, week 42: guinea pigs

I’ve mentioned meeting OldFatherTime in the past.  Old law lord who I’m not quite sure isn’t a highlander who’s been around for several hundred years.  Well, saw him today walking past chambers. 

“Hello!”  I piped up merrily.  “How’s the walking stick?”

Doh!  Still pops into my head rather than some serious legal chit chat.

“Oh.  Hello, young man.  Yes, it’s holding up, I must say, better than the rest of me.  How are you getting on with your pupillage.”

“Oh, mustn’t grumble,” was all I could muster.  Well I guess, it was still morning and I was feeling particularly worried about TheBoss bringing me down.

“That bad is it?  Some things don’t change I see.  I remember in the days before I care to remember, we were doing between five and ten pleas in mitigation a day and all for half a guinea…” He tailed off as if he hadn’t quite finished.

“Is that half a guinea pig or half a guinea fowl, my lord?” 

As I uttered the words, I realised it just wasn’t my morning.  Of course he wasn’t paid in either rodents or birds.  One day, I’m going to manage a serious conversation with this great man.

July 26, 2007 · Tim Kevan · 2 Comments
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2 Responses

  1. sarah - July 27, 2007

    ahh… perhaps BabyB has soul afterall.

  2. Abigail - July 27, 2007

    Half a guinea was 10/6, and if that leaves you none the wiser, have you never read a novel written before 1969? Or half-heard a racing report?
    As a pupil, Old Father Time was paid about what a skilled craftsman might be paid for a day’s work.