Day 203, week 42: yo, dude!

It might be the pressure but TopFirst is starting to turn into a parody, even of himself.  The class nerd who’s become so full of his own self-importance that he’s started to believe that he’s cool.  There have been a number of affectations over the months but his new catchphrase does him no favours whatsoever.  He’s started saying, “Juglandaceous, man” as if he’s making a deliberate parody of Bill and Ted.  Then immediately follows it up with,
“Great word, huh?  Means something to do with walnuts, believe it or not.  Thinking of putting it in one of my closing speeches.”

Yeh, right.  Dude.

July 18, 2007 · Tim Kevan · 2 Comments
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2 Responses

  1. Sarah - July 18, 2007

    Juglandaceous – great word!

  2. Abigail - July 20, 2007

    In a breach of contract case, concerning the supply of walnut bookcases which turned out to be teak, it would be entirely appropriate. Ask him what his case is about. In cases relating to celebrities with too much tan, it might be insulting.