Day 199, week 41: congratulations

Phoned my solicitor today about yesterday’s case.  Started explaining that the trains were late and that I originally went in front of the wrong judge, when he interrupted me and said,

“Let me stop you there BabyBarista.  I received an email this morning from the other side giving me the full details of the order.”

“Oh,” I said, unsure where this was going. 

I figured it’d be better for me to get in my explanation now before he started having a go.  However, as I drew breath to give my little plea in mitigation, my solicitor piped up again,

“Yes.  It seems you got everything we asked for.  Very well done.  I was a bit worried about this one so you’ve made my day.  I’ll definitely make sure that you get a lot more work from this firm.  Well done, BabyBarista and look forward to speaking to you again soon.”

So, what was I to do?  The first solicitor I’d had promising me my own work.  Did I correct him?  Tell him that I wasn’t even at the hearing?

“Look forward to speaking to you too,”  was all I could manage in the heat of the moment.

Well, wouldn’t want to ruin his good mood.

July 12, 2007 · Tim Kevan · 3 Comments
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3 Responses

  1. Barrister2b - July 12, 2007

    I think this is the least of your ptoblems, dont take your eye of the ball, OldRuin is upto something.

  2. Hikaru - July 13, 2007

    What a fluke……I wish it happened to me more often

  3. DOUBLE ESPRESSO - July 13, 2007

    The Court Order my man! It will say upon the Claimant not appearing and upon hearing the Defendant’s Counsel etc. But then again he may not read it that closely because he already knows the result. And can you properly charge a fee when you did not appear? High risk!