Day 189, week 39: cherish the gift

“How’s the family BabyB?”

OldRuin’s sympathetic tone reached parts of a BabyBarista’s heart that his fellow members of the bar failed to reach.  Today he was again treating me to a catch-up lunch at Simpson’s on the Strand.

“I’d suggest the roast beef if I were you,” he followed up, softening his enquiry further.

“Good idea.  It’s very kind of you to treat me like this.  Not something you get very often as a pupil.”

“Some things don’t change BabyB.  Don’t worry.  It’ll all turn out for the best.”

Without even realising I was doing it, I slowly started telling him a little about my home life, something I’ve been very careful to keep to myself during pupillage other than with Claire.  Nothing particularly unusual if you took a cross-section of the general population but less common at the Bar.  Okay, separated parents from a young age crosses social divides.  But having to support your single mum is less common at the Bar.  Particularly when she’s sitting at home suffering from M.E., the so-called yuppie disease, the irony of whose name has never been lost on either of us.  Not that I provide much support these days other than help with benefits applications and shopping, cooking and cleaning.  Hardly the glamorous life, you might say.

“The Bar, BabyB, isn’t about dusty law books.  It’s all about people and their problems.  You’ll be the stronger for it.”

“Thank you OldRuin.  I’m sorry to offload.”

“It’s the dark ingredients of the soul which give us strength BabyB.  Cherish the gift for it takes us closer to heaven than ever we’d realise…”  He looked at me and paused wistfully before continuing,

“…though it also takes us closer to hell too.”  Again he paused and added something in a tone which left me unsure whether he was providing encouragement or a warning,

“It’s how we use that strength that matters.”

I’m not always sure quite what he’s going on about but as I’ve said before, I do like OldRuin.

June 28, 2007 · Tim Kevan · 7 Comments
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7 Responses

  1. Josephine B - June 28, 2007

    Sounds a bit like Dumbledore to me, Draco 😉

  2. Sass - June 28, 2007

    Wow..that’s quite profound, I like OldRuin too, he talks sense. Keep up the good work! xx

  3. E. Morgan - June 28, 2007

    First of all love the blog – has had me in stitches during my finals – inspiration for the BVC ahead – but I think you should be careful babyB. I think OldRuin is not as daft and is a heck of a lot more perceptive than you think he is. He is trying to warn you to be careful, control your antics and don’t go to far as to sell your soul! However carry on the good work.

  4. babymelbournelawyer - June 29, 2007

    OldRuin into RuinofBabyB perhaps?
    Keep up the fantastic work BabyB … thsi is still the first thing I look at in the morning 🙂

  5. Anonymous Law Student - June 29, 2007

    I like the quote. Sometimes I feel like I have to summon anger to make my job work. Without a doubt, I ruin a lot of people’s days.

  6. Rose - June 29, 2007

    That’s a particularly difficult one, BB.
    (And OldRuin is wise.)

  7. Anonymous - June 29, 2007

    You know what BabyB? Maybe OldRuin is you in a couple of years time…