Day 173, week 36: MrChipOnShoulder

Had the most annoying opponent you could imagine this morning.  He was a fellow pupil but was about ten years older than me and made it clear from the off that he had been “a very successful recruitment consultant before coming to the Bar.”  Bully for you, MrChipOnShoulder.  You really think I’m bothered about what you’ve been doing for the last ten years?  I apologise for the tone but he really did get under my skin during the hearing.  Not actually because of his smug, arrogant manner, though that didn’t help.  Simply because he was unable to let me open my mouth for more than about ten words before he interrupted with some rubbish or other.

In the end I just remained silent after a particularly rude interruption and then looked to the judge who by this time was as irritated as I was. 

“Perhaps,”  I suggested quietly, “my learned friend might like to take over my submissions for me?”  I was about to continue when he went too far even for this mild mannered judge,

“There’s no need for sarcasm from my learned friend.  It is quite proper…”

Finally, it was the judge doing the interrupting,

“What is quite proper and indeed desirable is that you allow your opponent the chance to make his case.  If I hear one more interruption I will find you to be in contempt of court.”

Well, this was like a red rag for me, the way I was feeling.  I then spent the next half an hour delivering the most laboured of submissions peppered with jibes at my opponent’s style of advocacy, legal case and even, at one point, his red spotted tie.  Each comment quite obviously calculated to goad and each allowed by a judge who by that point appeared to be enjoying the sport.

It also helped that he lost.

June 6, 2007 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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