Day 155, week 32: grateful losers

Got back from my first case today at about 1pm only for the clerks to hand me some more papers for another case which was due to start in Lambeth at 2pm.  It gave me about a quarter of an hour to prepare the case on the train.  Impossible position as I couldn’t very well say no to the clerks when I’m just a lowly pupil but I was hardly doing my client any favours either.  This was only exacerbated when I arrived at court at around five to two and had my client questioning how I could possibly represent him when I was only going to spend a couple of minutes chatting to him even though the litigation had been going on for over a year.  I assured him that this was all perfectly normal and that there would be no problems.  I only hoped that I was right.

Did have a bit of a sticky moment when the judge started asking me about a couple of documents and I simply hadn’t seen them at all.  Long hesitations and page flicking later I found them in the bundle and survived.  Just.  Although we did get absolutely battered.  Which then led to a particular surprise when we came out of court as the client had completely changed his tune and was really grateful for my efforts.  It reminded me of something TheBoss once said,

“It’s the losers that’ll thank you BabyB.  The winners just assume it was down to their evidence.  The losers on the other hand see you as fighting the good fight against the odds.”

Funny world sometimes.

May 11, 2007 · Tim Kevan · 3 Comments
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  1. Anonymous - May 11, 2007

    Whatever happened to TheBoss? I miss him.

  2. AJ - May 11, 2007

    Maybe he could get a job with FakeClaims&Co?

  3. Sarah - May 15, 2007

    great post!