Day 130, week 27: confusion

Had my first small claims hearing today and surprised myself by pulling a victory out of the hat, although I have to admit that it was more by luck than judgment. It was a standard car case and during my cross-examination I became so thoroughly confused with the difference between the nearside and the offside of a car that it rubbed off on the other side’s witness. It was as if he couldn’t get it into his head that the barrister was getting something so simple wrong and so he started to doubt himself. A brilliant tactical manoeuvre for which, despite the fact that it was completely unintended, I was delighted to find that my client gave me full credit. The lesson I take away is that whatever you do in court, and however badly, do it with confidence.

In the meantime, BusyBody has told me that she is definitely pregnant and is deciding what to do over the issue of paternity. Poor Worrier is getting weighed down by her first cases and is not looking at all happy. There are just too many details in Worrier Land and I get the feeling from hearing about her first days in court that these may have been overflowing into her submissions. 

No pebble left unturned.

April 4, 2007 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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